Hawaiian Jewelry History

19th Jul 2018

The history of Hawaiian Jewelry dates back to 19th Century England during the Victorian Era. Queen Emma & then Princess Liliʻuokalani attended … read more

How to Custom Order Hawaiian Jewelry

25th Nov 2017

There is a lot of customization available when creating your own Hawaiian Heirloom and it can seem overwhelming but our customization guide takes you through step by step.   … read more

Happy Aloha Friday!

17th Nov 2017

There are 7 Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers that are native to the Hawaiian Island. Found across all the islands in a variety of colors: red, pink, white, purple and yello … read more
Hand Engraved In Honolulu Since 1972

Hand Engraved In Honolulu Since 1972

13th Nov 2017

Our traditional bracelet, ring and pendants are made by hand in our factory in downtown Honolulu. Follow a traditional Hawaiian bracelet from start to finish in this factory tour video. Follow us onli … read more