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Sterling Silver 'Aina Collection Mauna Kea Bracelet - SOLD OUT

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The Āina Collection, the Mauna Kea bracelet is an adjustable one size fits all design.  The triangle itself represents Mauna Kea.  This white opal tip represents Poliʻahu and the snow that Hawaiʻi is blessed with.  

The 3 black enamel arrows represents that Mauna Kea is not just the physical mountain, but all the space and energy above and below as well.  The circle design represents Lake Waiau, the once "fresh water" lake that reside on Mauna Kea, the big white circle (which represents the fullness and pureness that Lake Waiau once stood) and the small empty circle (which represents the bareness that it stands today with its water contaminant because of mercury leaks into the water from the telescopes on top of Mauna Kea).  

The small circle also represents the urgency that we need to care for our lands, oceans, natural resources and sacred sites like Mauna Kea because once its gone, its gone.  We need to protect and preserve for the future generations.  The engraving on the back side says "The Time Is Now".  This is referring to the urgency to mālama (care for) today, not later on.

Designed by local Hawaiian artist, Kamaka Pili, the Kamaka Pili® Aloha ʻĀina Collection sharing the message of caring for our lands, our oceans, our natural resources and sacred lands