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Sterling Silver Aloha Collection "Ahonui" Pendant

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Ahonui means to be patient as if you know that the ʻtimeʻ will happen rather than wondering if it will or will happen. Having faith is required to keep you on track with the mentality that your ʻtimeʻ will happen, even if its 50 years down the road. This design comes from a personal experience where my patience was challenged. I was eating in an empty restaurant with a friend of mine and as we were eating, an older couple entered the restaurant and walked towards our direction. With my peripheral vision I seen them walking directly towards our table and thought to myself, "Watch, get all these open tables and they are going to sit directly behind us." And low and behold, the put their bags down on the table directly behind me, and the lady came up to our table, grabbed the table and told us that she was going to move our table over because she couldn't fit in the chair behind me. As my frustration level began to sky rocket, I held my cool enough to tell her no and that if she can't fit, she can choose any of all the other tables that were available in the empty restaurant. In the design, the X criss-cross design represents all the empty tables and chairs that this couple could have sat in. And the middle box designs represents that they chose to sit in that particular seat behind me (represented by the koa inlay).

Designed by local Hawaiian artist, Kamaka Pili,  the Kamaka Pili® Aloha Collection derives from the messages of the late great Auntie Pilahi Pākī, who created a simple way to understand Aloha to a deeper level.