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Sterling Silver Aloha Collection "'Ha'a Ha'a" Pendant

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Haʻahaʻa means to be humble as if you were empty because through emptiness comes true connection and appreciation. The design includes 1 row of diamonds inlayed with koa. This represents that when babies are born, they are full with the purity of life and connection. However, when we grow older, we are taught to build up walls in our minds and spirits with whats right and whats wrong, leading to us loosing that purity of life. This is my interpretation of being empty. However, to use this emptiness as a positive, look at every situation as a way to fill you up and become greatly appreciative of everything. For example, if you have an empty stomach, you will appreciate any food that you come across and have much more respect.

Designed by local Hawaiian artist, Kamaka Pili,  the Kamaka Pili® Aloha Collection derives from the messages of the late great Auntie Pilahi Pākī, who created a simple way to understand Aloha to a deeper level.